Dangerous Medical Liaisons

A Hot New TV Drama Coming to My Imagination Near You

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NAOMI: May I ask a personal question?


NAOMI: Well, it’s just that. I mean, you have way more experience that anyone on the team. Why aren’t you leading your own team?

TERENCE: I used to lead my own team. Many years ago. Different company. Then the company did some stupid things, and I got out before the shit hit the fan. I decided that what I really wanted was to travel the country, talk science, and eat at fancy restaurants. I’m happier with three or four levels of target practice between me and everything going sidewise.

NAOMI: Wow. That’s kind of…cynical. Do you think Algia plans to do something stupid.

TERENCE: Nobody ever plans to do anything stupid. That’s the point.

OMAR: My problem is that some docs in Iowa don’t want to meet with a tall black man named Omar.

NAOMI: You’re kidding.

OMAR: Let’s just say that you should have an easier time than I did getting a first meeting.

NAOMI: So, how do you do it?

OMAR: By being as charming as hell. Always.

CARA: He’ll try to charm you quietly and subtly, but don’t fall for it. The man thinks he’s a player.

NAOMI: Did he hit on you?

CARA: Oh, yeah. Crashed and burned.

NAOMI: Did he hit on Jenni?

CARA: Are you kidding? She scares the pants on him.

NAOMI: You mean scares the pants off him.

CARA: No, I said what I meant.

Medical Science Liaison in the pharma industry. Former technical writer, science writer, and market research analyst. General data enthusiast.

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